This is an inherently selfish blog.

I don’t care if you read it, and I don’t care if you like it. I’m not trying to write something original or particularly compelling. These ramblings are the result of me having too many thoughts about music constantly running through my brain, and needing an outlet to focus them.

I’ll post when I want to, or more accurately, when the muses decide I should. New music, old music, shows I’ve been to, shows I’m going to, artists I can’t stop listening to… You name it, I’ll be writing about it.

All you need to know is that this music is caffeinated. If caffeine is the most commonly abused drug in America, music goes hand-in-hand with that in my personal life. This is the music that gives me energy, gets me through busy days and sleepless nights, and makes me ultimately want more.

This is Caffeinated Music – an energy boost for the music enthusiast.